Glenn Andreiev first experimented with
film-making during high school, shooting
Super 8mm movies (with really primitive sound
systems) While attending School of Visual Arts,
Glenn worked on STREET TRASH, a film
produced by his teacher and friend Roy
Frumkes.  On the set of that film, Glenn
learn all the battlefield maneuvers of low
budget film-making.  While working on his first
feature film,
worked on various films, news crews, and for

Films In Review
, and has an obsessive thing
going for movie-watching, and for tourist
attractions of questionable taste/
Paul Kanter's first introduction to films came
through a college film festival that showcased
foreign films ("It was fifty cents to get in.  I'm a
CPA, I'm always looking at the numbers!")  
Paul started working with Glenn Andreiev in the
post production stage of NIGHT in late 1996.   
He was amazed on how an effective film can be
shot for very little money.    Since then, him and
Glenn worked on four films together.
"With digital video being so accessible, there's
a feature film being made in every American zip
code.  You have to make your film stand out.  
You have to pay attention to publicity."
This showmanship holds true in Paul's CPA
practice.   He attracted many clients through a
campaign that allowed visitors to his office to
call anywhere in the world for free.