Since 2010, I have given lectures at Long Island's Cinema Arts Centre
on various aspects of film history, with subjects such Hitchcock,
Pre-Code Cinema, Re-discovered movie comics, crime in film and more.     
I encourage audience participation, and I always bring along film clips,
some of which are very rare, but all very captivating.  

I have spent a lifetime collecting rare films, researching film history,
and interviewing people who have been a part of cinema history.   
Very often, audience members contact me after a lecture, telling me
they just purchased a rare film they didn't previously know about
that I discussed.

Some of my previous classes were on the following subjects.
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Newsday piece on my         My Summer 2013           My January 2014
rare movie comics class    class on maverick         class on vintage
                                             directors                         Hollywood scandals

My classes run about 90 minutes each.  I bring my own DVD of film clips.
For more information, e-mail me at or call me