Combined with studio vault fires, where nitrate film literally
exploded, and orders from Studio Executives to destroy
what they thought were outdated, films, close to 90% of
films made before 1930 are missing.

LOST EMULSION, a new feature length documentary tells
the story of so many lost films from the silent and early sound
era.   Films such as CLEOPATRA, with the alluring Theda
Bara, LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT, with Lon Chaney, and
many others.   So many landmarks of motion picture history,
and so many films that show what life was like 100 years ago
are gone.  LOST EMULSION also focuses on the race to save
what is left.  There are interviews with George Williem
from The Library of Congress, David Schwartz from The
Museum of the Moving Image, Film Historians Tom Meyer,
Hugh Munro Neely, Marilyn Moss, Ben Model and more.  
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