Picture Page #3
Day #14 of the shoot- On the hell set with Shawna Bermender.   That's Paul Kanter,
our co-producer, on the right, filling in as a corpse.
Frequent set crasher Boris Andreiev.                                                Co-Producer Paul Kanter after working on a rather
                                                                                                       compelling tax return.
From left, a continuity still of actor Paul Askedall (as Damon), and center, and right, Anna (Wendy Marquez) makes a chilling
discovery in Damon's bedroom.     The decor of Damon's bedroom was enhanced through a kind donation from East Coast
Psychadelics in Commack, NY.
10/23/07- Shooting at Quetzalcoatl Mexican Restaurant in Huntington Village.
Left: Shawna Bermender with Alex, Q's owner.  Center: Lining up a shot.
Right: Our gunman, Gerry Pollatos, lines up
his shot