Picture Page #4
SHOOTING IN HELL- 10/27/07  It is now Day #16 of a 26 day shoot.   We shot a  fight scene in Hell.

Our effects artist, Giovanni Zorloza (Top left) prepares a face appliance for our Ghost Warrior, played by Bryan Carlin (Top right)
Below you can see the progress Giovanni made on Bryan.     (picture below right- a scene from the film.)
Behind the scenes shots:
THE STORY OF SUZI AND FAST:  A prized object of mine.
This painting was found propped by some garbage cans in
the mid 1990's, as you see it, with the massive rip.   This is
visual storytelling at it's apex.     Suzi is all cuddles and
smiles while her man, "Fast" (His name is written under
his collar.)  won't crack a smile.  "Aw, come on, hun,
my dad's taking a picture.   Won't you smile?"  You can notice
that an attempt was made to blotch out Fast's face with
chemicals.   This is followed by two bulls-eye
slashes across Fast.    Gee, Fast, what did you do
that made Suzi so angry?    Their entire relationship is
summed up with this simple two-shot.