Margot has only one night to rid New York City of a gang of lethal        
vampires.   Everyone around her assumes she's insane and her         
fellow vampire hunters are either showing signs of weakness or are    
actually working for the vampires.

The leader of the vampire clan is Anthony Garring, a long-dead          
bootlegger who now operates as a crack dealer.  

To the left are SILVER NIGHT stills

Behind the scenes of SILVER NIGHT  (The first two pictures were
taken on the speakeasy set, which was unused office space owned
by co-producer Paul Kanter.    The third picture shows Shawna
Bermender, our star, relaxing on the set with sound man Matt
The forth still shows stars Shawna and Frank Franconeri in front of  a
blue screen for one of SILVER NIGHT's many effect shots.