The short films will be-

- Cecile, a young artist risks her life when she goes on her own, unprotected,
to rescue her husband, who has been captured by a powerful demon.
- Tina, a superhero costume performer is targeted by a lethal "hater/fan"
who has already unleashed an atomic weapon in the mountains.   
She races to stop him from exploding another weapon- in Manhattan.
Red Hot UFO
- To keep a budding relationship alive with the unique girl he truly loves,
a young man has to fake an elaborate UFO sighting.
Why are we making these films?
"These films depict women as strong problem solvers, leaders in the face
of true danger.  In all three films, young women leading ordinary lives
are faced with life-death situations they will not turn their backs on
Where can people see THRILLING?
THRILLING will be available on-line, and available for library
and theatrical venues.
Where will THRILLING be publicized?
- Donors to THRILLING will be listed in a paid full page ad in
The Cinema Arts Centre's folio (20,000 copies printed each month)
-The Production of THRILLING will be covered in One of the
leading film review websites currently running.
- More publicity outlets will be added.

To become a part of THRILLING, contact us at

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     The creation of the THRILLING series will be a major part of my
     upcoming film-making workshop/class I am giving at The Cinema
     Arts Centre in July 2017.
About the Writer-Director-Producer of THRILLING- GLENN ANDREIEV

His last two documentaries LOST EMULSION and THE WENDY WILD STORY are  
gathering positive audience reactions.    With
THRILLING, Mr. Andreiev will work
with students, learning independent film-making, along with seasoned
professionals he has worked with for years.     In 2016, one of Glenn Andreiev's
films became part of the film collection of
The Museum Of Modern Art.     
This Summer (2017), Mr. Andreiev will be teaching a course on
independent film-making at Huntington's Cinema Arts Centre.   

Glenn Andreiev became a Member of the Kings Park Entrepreneur
Hall Of Fame in April, 2016.