Continuity Still of actress
Sarah Watchman.  It's
common practice to have the
talent show their hands
like this in case rings or
anything are involved.
Filming the finale fight scene
with a hand-cranked 16mm
Bolex. From left: Edna Boyle,
Glenn Andreiev, and Paul

SYNOPSIS:  Margot Etting (Jillanne Smith) is leading a
group of vampire hunters to killer a pack of lethal blood-
suckers.   She has only one night to do this.   One of the
vampires is a double agent, taking most of his orders from
the head vampire, Garring (Richard Cutler).
Margot's attack begins with success, but soon backfires.

PRODUCTION FACTS:   Night was remade by Glenn
Andreiev as
Silver Night.   

Night was distributed by Joseph Green, who directed the
1962 cult classic
The Brain That Wouldn't Die.    Green's
only demands was fixing numerous dead spots in the film's
soundtrack.    During the mid 90's, nudity was no longer  
such a big issue in exploitation horror films.

The film was originally budgeted for a 16mm production.
A 5 minute trailer was shot on videotape.   The trailer had
such a sharp look, potential investors suggested making
the entire film on video.   

A scene which required cast members to scream and yell at
each other in a cemetery at night caused local police to
come up to our location.   Our town issued permits allowed
to stay.  (Our screaming did tick off the neighbors.)
Garring meets his end.  The
board behind actor Richard
Cutler had a hole for him to
stick his head through.  A
dummy torso made up plastic,
a beachball, and pasta sauce
was matched to his neck.
Anne Marie Marino
as Alana, a young woman
who starts out as a victim,
thenbecomes a vampire.

SYNOPSIS:   Bob Friedman (Paul Borgese) leaves a sour
relationship with a greedy woman (Mimi Stuart).   He marries a
shy, lovely girl, Angela (Sarah Watchman).   He notices she
leaves the house in early a.m hours and returns before dawn.  
He follows her one night only to learn  that she is a 200 year old
vampire that dines on bikers.

PRODUCTION FACTS  The screenplay was based on a
Hindu vampire legend about a prince who marries a shy
peasant girl who never eats.  He kills her when he discovers
she's a vampire.  I figured my film concerned an intelligent  
modern couple, who would try to cope with  vampirism in a

Paul Borgese, the film's star, later was cast as Yogi Berra in
Billy Crystal's  
61 and has turned to directing. (Searching For
Bobby D)

The distributor suggested replacing the film's working title,
Angela with the more marketable Vampire's Embrace.   As a
sign as to what was required in 80's horror films, the distributor
demanded several scenes be re-shot with nudity.

This was the first time Nicholas D. Kent created music for a
Glenn Andreiev film.    For a Revolutionary War flashback scene,
Nick used the funeral march written for George Washington's