Bernard Goetz as
The Criminologist

Glenn Andreiev
lines up a lo-angle
camera shot of
stalker John

From left:
Glenn Andreiev
Dylan Skolnick
Erin Cummiskey

We decided it
didn't cost much to
fly Erin to Florida to
shoot three scenes
This added
production value to
our film.


SYNOPSIS:  A mysterious young man (John
Roberts) has twisted fantasies about Casey
(Erin Cummiskey), a young woman who runs a
nearby Greek restaurant.    Casey starts getting
taunting, threatening calls and notes from this
stalker.    She wonders how he knows so much
about her- what she does at night, where she
spends her money, and why she is seeing a  
doctor.  She finally figures out the alarming way
he obtains this private information on her.  
In a sense, Casey begins stalking her stalker,
and the battle begins.

PRODUCTION NOTES:  The real coup for
EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE was the casting of
subway vigilante Bernard Goetz as a
criminologist who gives very fascinating tips on
how to handle a stalker.    This casting resulted
in the film getting media coverage on
Court TV, Premier Magazine
and The View
(You should have seen Goetz go against the
View Ladies- I thought it was funny!)

Glenn Andreiev asked musician Nicholas D.
Kent to get bizarre with the music score.  The
resulting score (for this reality based
drama-thriller) had touches of Akira Ifukube's
music for Godzilla films.

In a scene where local tough guys beat the
daylights out of the stalker, Andreiev wanted a
playful Samantha Fox tune playing on a nearby
radio.    The owners of the song refused,
stating the scene was too violent.  They allowed
the song to be used in a tamer scene.

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