SYNOPSIS:  At the end of the American Revolutionary War,
British Col.  Thompson (Sal Ormond) seeks to capture The
Mad Wolf, a mysterious saboteur.    His Fort Golgotha, built
atop a burial ground, is Mad Wolf's next target.   We learn
Mad Wolf, clad in a frightening disguise, is Deborah,
(Kimberly King) the widow of a slain minuteman.  

PRODUCTION NOTES:  The screenplay is based on actual
Revolutionary War incidents.    Golgotha was built by Col.
Thompson on the Huntington Village Burial Ground (This is
why, to this day, the highest peak of the cemetery doesn't
have gravestones.)  

As noted in the film, the real Col. Thompson used the
tombstones of his enemies as doormats, oven-plates
and furniture.
 Click here to learn more about the real Col.

Members of the Huntington Militia, a group of historians
who re-inact Revolutionary War battles, donated their
time, and costumes to the production of the film.

The interiors for the film were filmed in local antique
stores that had rooms recreated in a Colonial American
style.   Small items such as furniture price-tags, wall
thremostats and electric outlets had to be covered up.

Sal Ormond, who played Thompson, was also a
co-producer.  He turned a garage into a sound-stage.     He
also built a working pillory that is used in the film.  

This was the first full collaboration between director
Glenn Andreiev and Producer Paul Kanter CPA

Program Guide For CINEMA ARTS CENTRE- May 1998.   I always find it
rather impressive MAD WOLF was listed alongside Akira Kurosawa's
RASHOMON.   Click the Theatre of the Wild Page for a closer view.

as Sarah.  Donna was also
Co-Producer, Costume

KIMBERLY KING  as Deborah,aka
Mad Wolf.

as Col. Thompson.  Sal was also a
Co-Producer, Set Designer, Effects

One of the MAD WOLF sets.
The walls were ordinary
stockade-style fences
laid sideways.

Frank Franconeri (right) and
Brandon Bart (center)  Frank would
appear in every Huntington Action
Film after MAD WOLF.

MAD WOLF (1998)