PRESS RELEASE - June 27, 2009
"I enjoyed successfully pulling off computer scams.   All it took was an ordinary home
computer, some guesswork, and a knack to pretend I was other people." explains
Glenn Andreiev, who made
The Make-Believers, a feature length documentary
about Internet fraud.    "About a year ago, I got what many people dread:  a monthly
credit card statement filled with purchases I never made.   The authorities seemed
limited in their attempt to catch the culprit who rifled my bank account.    Becoming
the victim inspired me to make this documentary."
The Make-Believers shows how easy it is to pull off net fraud.   In the film, Andreiev
uses a fabricated website for a phony film to get people to fork over their identity.   
Andreiev also logged on Millionaire Dating sites, and got almost two hundred women
to believe he was a lonely millionaire ready to spend big time.    
Andreiev also interviewed William Sherman, the Daily News reporter who “stole” the
Empire State Building in a stunt to show off gaping holes in the city's system for
recording deeds and mortgages.   You’ll be shocked and amused how and why
people believe the rumors, outrageous pranks, and scams that come across a
computer monitor.  “The best way to show how something works is to actually do it."  
adds Andreiev.  
Trusted websites that claim ownership of most of cyberspace are examined here.  
We show how AOL may not be all that safe.  John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog
tells us of privacy issues with Google.   On-line celebrity gossip sites and Internet
rumors get picked apart here.  Ever wonder what caused the 2003 Blackout, or what
is really at Area 51?   
The Make-Believers may have the answer to these net
Glenn Andreiev, 47, the Huntington Long Island based film-maker behind
The Make-
has been making feature films since his graduation from New   York’s
School of Visual Arts.    His past credits include the vampire shocker,
Silver Night,
an internationally made thriller
The Deed To Hell, and a thriller about stalking:
Every Move You Make.    Mr. Andreiev also teaches film-making at The Cinema
Arts Centre.
"You see self-reliance in
The Make-Believers where ordinary Americans fight off
cyber-scammers on their own." Remarks Paul Kanter, the film’s Producer, who also
tells us on camera of devious ways scammers swipe our identity.  “On 9/11,
thousands of people were stranded in lower Manhattan when the trains and
roadways were shut down.  Ordinary Americans who saw this, sprang into action, and
used their boats to ferry these stranded people to safety.  Nobody stood around,
waiting for the government to fix it.   The same thing happened when the Airbus
crash-landed into the Hudson River last year."
“I think many Internet crooks have the type of brain to cure cancer or fix the
economy, but they are too occupied pulling off these silly scams." concludes
The Make-Believers played at Huntington’s Cinema Arts Centre Wednesday July
22 nd at 7:30 pm to an enthusiastic crowd.   There is another screening on August
14th at
Ripe Art Gallery in Greenlawn, NY, and more screenings are being booked.  
ARTICLE                        7-16-09