DEED TO HELL Picture Page #2
The aftermath of a Zad Zolock party.   Ashley Wren Collins as               Clean up time- Shawna Bermender & Ashley Wren Collins
as the ill-fated Chrissy.     Photo by Paul Kanter.
Lynell (Shawna Bermender) alone in her hotel room.                      During the El Diablo Party Scene.   From left,
                                                                                                           Glenn Andreiev, James Rankin (as Zolock) and
                                                                                                           Dylan Skolnick.  

My apartment fixed up, and cluttered up to make it looks like it belongs to an unbalanced rising rock-star.    This is why
it's often difficult to convince others to use, re-decorate and shoot in their homes.    The image on the TV Screen is from
"42nd Street".   For some reason, I enjoy having Busby Berkeley musicals play when I work.
< Fabricated gossip magazine
prop for the film.   The model
is actress Rosemary Gore

This person is not in the film
but we find him interesting  >